"Your guide to common tapas terms..."

These are some of the more common tapas dishes that can be found in many tapas bars. The concept of the tapas guides however isn't just to let you sample the usual 'casera' traditional tapas such as these but to also savour the more exciting tapas creations.

Tapas dishes

Albondigas - meatballs, usually pork, served in a tomato or an almond sauce

Berenjenas con miel - deep-fried, crispy aubergine fritters with honey

Boquerones en vinagre - fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar

Cazón en adobo (Bienmesabe) - crispy fried bites of marinated fish

Croquetas - bread-crumbed croquettes containing ham, fish or cheese

Ensalada de pimientos asados - salad of roasted red peppers

Ensaladilla rusa - "Russian" potato salad with potatoes, carrots and peas in mayonnaise and usually some tuna.

Flamenquin - Fried veal, ham and cheese rolls.

Gambas al pil pil - prawns sizzled in oil with garlic and chilli

Patatas ali-oli - a potato salad with garlic "mayonnaise"

Patatas Bravas – a potato dish with spicy pimiento sauce

Pollo al Ajillo - chicken sautéed with garlic

Remojón - salad of olives and oranges

Salpicón de mariscos - Shellfish cocktail

Tortilla de patatas - Spanish potato omelette